Tailor-made qipaos or cheongsams used to be the epitome of haute couture for Chinese women in the early 1900s. Socialites of old Shanghai would anxiously await their turn for the tailor to measure them so that their qipao or cheongsam was a perfect fit for their body. The fitted dress allowed a woman to dress with elegance, grace and modesty while showing off her figure.

Today, the qipao and cheongsam still embodies these values and adds a unique flare to your wardrobe! At ELEGENTE.com, our staff will work with you to customize any qipao or cheongsam style to fit your body. The outcome is a unique dress that will be cherished for a lifetime and handed down to future generations!

ELEGENTE cheongsams

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  • Embroidered peony Chinese traditional tube costumes Red
  • Black lace Chinese red Qipao gown
  • Chinese Style Wedding Dresses Red w/ Phoenix belt - "Honor"
  • Leopard Print Velvet Cheongsam Dress - "Fritillary“
  • Traditional Beijing-Style Cheongsam in Wine Red - "Cherries“
  • Ethereal Pure White Silk Mandarin Dress - "The Hazy Moon of Enlightenment“
  • Vertical-Stripe Khaki Qipao - "The Old Days“
  • Tiny Floral Print Vintage Style Cheongsam - "Verbena“
  • Leaf Pattern on Butter Yellow Cheongsam - "Reflections on  life“
  • Fresh Red Coral Pattern Long Chinese Gown - "Red Coral“
  • White Orchids on Sky Blue Qipao - "Orchids“
  • Scalloped Lace Cheongsam - "Waves“
  • Coral Red Peony Qipao Dress - "Red Peony“
  • Abstract Roses on White Mandarin Dress- "Champagne"
  • Painterly Print Qipao- "Hello, Color“
  • Yellow Daisies on Purple Silk Cheongsam - "Daisy"
  • Eclectic Oil-Painting-Like Floral Cheongsam w/ Black Binding - "Black garden"
  • Green Jacquard Gauze Chinese Cheongsam- "Jasper"

    Sale off 24

    Green Jacquard Gauze Chinese Cheongsam- "Jasper"

    Regular Price: $459.00

    Special Price: $349.00

  • Abstract Peach Blossoms on Ombre Mandarin Dress - "Starry Sky"
  • Romantic Floral A-line Mandarin Dress - "The Flowering Season“
  • Elegant White Orchids on Champagne Mandarin Dress - "Orchid“
  • Purple Print Cheongsam - "Colorful Rain of the Night“
  • Flowers & Dragonflies Pattern White Cheongsam w/ Black Trim - "Dragonflies“
  • Olive Green Long Cheongsam Gown - "River Waves“
  • Chinese Red Wedding Dresses with Phoenix Peplum - "Glory"
  • Embroidered Peony Strapless Mandarin Wedding Gown in Red - "Prosperity"
  • Embroidered Orchid on Sleeveless Charcoal Qipao - "Fragrant Orchids“
  • Blue Peony Flowers on White Maxi Shanghai Cheongsam - "Blue Enchantress“
  • Vibrant Roses on Sky Blue Mandarin Dress  - "Coquettish Roses"
  • Subtle-Swirl-Print, Raglan-Sleeve Classic Qipao in Navy Blue  - "Retro Mood“
  • Subtle Swirl Print, Raglan-Sleeve Classic Cheongsam  - "Retro Mood“
  • Spandex Silk Velvet Cheongsams (Five Color Options)  - "Colorful Deer“
  • Spandex Silk Velvet Cheongsams in Royal Blue (Five Color Options)  - "Colorful Deer“
  • Spandex Silk Velvet Cheongsams in Purple (Five Color Options)  - "Colorful Deer“
  • Spandex Silk Velvet Cheongsams in Wine Red (Five Color Options)  - "Colorful Deer“
  • Wavy-stripe Modern Qipao - "Terraces"

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