Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

When will i receive my order?

We process and deliver all of our orders within 3 weeks of ordering, and we will send you your tracking number once your order has been shipped. The shipping period is about 2-7 days.

What shipping options do you offer?

ELEGNETE offers free shipping on orders over $99. On orders under $99, ELEGENTE charges a flat rate of $15. We use DHL express for North America and most countries in Europe & some other countries. We use DPEX for Australia, Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand, the Middle East.

Can I expedite my order?

Our current processing time is 3 weeks and you can expedite orders by sending us your requirement. We also suggest that you allow for additional time to include alterations if your dress is for a specific event.

What countries does ELEGENTE ship to?

ELEGENTE ships globally to over 150 countries. Review the list of accessible countries during the checkout process and contact us if your location is missing.

Can you ship to Post Office Boxes or APO/FPO military addresses?

Please note that We cannot ship to Post Office Boxes or APO/FPO military addresses.

Can FedEx ship to Post Office Boxes or APO/FPO military addresses?

Please note that FedEx cannot ship to Post Office Boxes or APO/FPO military addresses.

Will I have to pay additional taxes or tariffs on my ELEGENTE order?

Some countries might charge taxes or other shipping fees on imported packages. We recommend checking with your local customs office for these charges before placing your order.

Since these types of taxes and charges are subject to change at any time (and often change from day to day), we cannot incorporate these charges into the shipping charge at payment.

I want to change my shipping address. How do I do this?

Please contact our marketing department at [email protected] with your desired shipping information and we will update your order information accordingly.

Alterations & Refunds

What if my dress does not fit?

Our dresses usually fit our customers perfectly. However, if your order does not fit, you can return it to us for alterations. We will pay the shipping charge up to $30. In case the problem with your order was our tailor's mistake, we will remake it entirely from new materials through a remake order.

Can i ask for a refund?

For tailor-made dresses which will not fit other customers, we do not give refunds. But we will alter your dress until it fits you well.

Where do I return items?

Please return the original cheongsam to the address below:

Lianglong Qiu
#1403, 9th Bldg., Singapore Town,
Qiaonan, Licheng District,
Quanzhou 362000
Tel.: +86 18065566430
Order #: _________
Goods Returned to Vendor
Under what conditions can i ask for a refund?

1. Quality Issue, like something broken or size mistakes made by our tailor.

2. Order arrived after our agreed time or it took more than 4 weeks to arrive.

Why do we refuse to give refunds but do free alterations instead?

This is because we have encountered too many customers who purchased a dress for a special occasion and then returned it. For instance, one customer bought a knee-length red Mandarin dress with ruffled cap sleeves ( for her grandfather's 100th birthday, and then right after the birthday party, she returned the dress and asked for a refund,claiming the measurements of the dress were wrong. However, we later saw photos of her wearing the dress on Instagram --- the dress fits her perfectly!

We believe those who like our dresses are graceful and courteous ladies. When they fall in love with one of our dresses, they recognize its value and accept its price. They will keep it, unlike the customer mentioned above, who only wanted that dress for giving her grandfather a surprise. We hope you will treasure every dress you've purchased from us no matter you have the occasion to wear it again or not. Just think of the way many women keep the wedding gown they have only worn once. Our handmade dresses are worth keeping as well.

Unlike a high-end evening gown you can return with the tag attached, a custom-made dress from us is not returnable because it will NOT fit anyone but you. Even if you choose a standard size on our website, it is still a made-to-order dress. Our dresses are all handmade with attention paid to every detail. Please respect our craftsmanship. Usually our dresses fit like a glove, but in case your dress really doesn't fit, you can send it back to us, and then we will alter it until it meets your expectations.

Without refund requests distracting us, we can concentrate more on our products and provide the best services. Please understand and support this decision.


How to take my body measurement?

We offer an excellent automatic system for clients to create their measurement profiles. You only need a tape and 10 minutes to create your measurement profile by following our guideline:

If you are on the product page, you can choose the "tailor-made" drop-down menu in the size options, then it will display links below for you to create a new measurement profile or sign in to load your measurement profile which you have already submitted into our account.

Do I need a tailor to take my measurements?

No. ELEGENTE's measuring process was designed for anyone to measure themselves with the help of a friend in 10 minutes. We find the best success from not using a tailor, as our measurement system is unique and created for easy at-home use.

Can I base my measurements on a well fitting cheongsam that I own?

Our measuring methods are unique to us and differ from the measurements used for other clothing brands. All ELEGENTE orders are custom tailored to match your physical measurement profile, and for this reason we are unable to accept measurements from any garments from another manufacturer.

Can I use measurements taken by my tailor?

We prefer you use our easy-to-follow Get Measured process. Our measuring methods are unique to us and differ from the measuring methods used at a traditional tailor. If a tailor measures you the way that suits his tailoring style, it may cause discrepancies and ill-fitting garments. If you still prefer to visit a tailor to be measured, please have your tailor follow our size: moi processes.

I am not skinny like the models in the photos. Will your cheongsam and apparel still fit me?

ELGENTE cheongsams are 100% custom made specifically according to your measurement profile. No matter what your size or body type, our cheongsams are built to flatter.

Can your cheongsams be custom made for a plus-size lady or even for children?

ELEGENTE customers come in all shapes and sizes. However, we do not make suits for children. All our products are hand tailored according to your submitted measurements, so there are no limitations with regards to large or small measurements. Except we will add some additional fee for a unique design, like floor length / fishtail.

Can I manage multiple measurements from one account?

Yes, you can create new profiles from your account and give different names. When you add a new product to cart, it will ask you to choose which profile you want.

Can i edit my profiles?

if you have an account and profiles in our website, you can easily edit your profiles via the measurement section.

How do I submit updated measurements after an alteration?

If this is your first order and it didn't fit perfectly. You can adjust your sizes via the measurement section after logging into your account.

My recent order does not fit as expected,what should I do?

If your garments do not fit the way you expected, please contact us at [email protected] We're here to help, and we won't rest until your dress fits.

How are the measurements I submit online used to create my own cheongsam?

The measurements that you submit via our Size: MOI are not your final dress measurements, but used as a base to guide us in creating your dress. At ELEGENTE, your DRESS goes through a 3-step measurement review process to ensure an ideal fit:

You measure yourself by following our size: moi. Our tailor may adjust your measurements based on the cut standards for someone your weight and height. An ELEGENTE Master Tailor then further refines your measurements based on his years of experience hand sewing adresses.


If i must require the exact size, how to choose it?

We have standard sizes available (based on flat measurements of the dress.) which are listed in size charts. But we highly recommend you get one tailor-made according to your own measurements. Cheongsam isn't like other dresses, it should fit closely, so we also ask you to at least offer us your net bust,waist,and hip measurements for rechecking. When we say "standard sizes", it doesn't mean the sizes are the same as EU/US/International ones. Our sizes come from a different system. So,you should check the measurements of our sizes carefully.

How long does it take to get a standard-size dress?

All dresses are made to order, so the processing time is 3 weeks, the same as the tailor-made cheongsam.

Can i return a standard-size dress?

Yes, you can return it to us as long as the dress is still good for future sales (not washed, not folded & not broken). But you should pay the shipping charge. (We don't accept returns via post. Airmail is fine. Express is better.)

How to return it?

Please contact our service first. After simple checking, you will get an address for return.

When you will refund me after I return the dress?

Our accountant will refund you within 3 biz days after getting your tracking number or dress.


What is ELEGENTE's phone number? Do you have a real store I can visit?

Currently ELEGENTE is a 100% Internet-based company and does not provide phone service. Please contact us via our online contact form and we will reply within 24 hours on weekdays,and 48 hours on weekends.

How to pay?

If you have a Paypal account or credit card,you can easily pay us via the Paypal payment system. Paypal will protect your rights & keep your money safe.

Can I pay by another currency, such as Singaporean dollars, Australian dollars, Euros or British pounds?

Yes, Paypal will converse your currency to our default currency(US dollar) during checkout.

Why can't I checkout/pay successfully?

There are some issues that might have caused payment failure:

1) Not enough balance in your Paypal account or credit card.---- Check it and try again.

2) Can't redirect to Paypal after checkout. There are four methods to solve this issue:

  1. Clear the explorer cache and try again;
  2. Change to another explorer or computer and try again;
  3. If #1 and #2 don't work, please directly pay us via Paypal "send money", which is also safe. Read more about how Paypal protect you via "send money":


What currency do you use on your website?

US dollars.

Do you offer coupons?

Yes, we will offer coupons via our website/social media/emails. If you get a coupon, just apply it during your checkout.

Why it's so pricy?

See our "PRODUCT & CUSTOMIZATION" section below.

How to get a coupon for promotion?

Sometimes, we offer coupons for promotion. For example, we offer $20 coupons for clients who submit their measurements for the first time. Some coupons come as coupon codes in promotion rules. You can directly apply them during checkout. Some coupons we will offer only when you sign up. Then we will send a coupon code to you.


How about your Quality / craftsmanship?

100% Chinese Needlecraft; Only high-end fabric used; Imported collar lining; Original design. Read more:

Does ELEGENTE offer customization/tailoring options on their products? What is the cost?

ELEGENTE offers a comprehensive list of customization/tailoring options for cheongsams. Choose the "Tailor-made" option before adding the dress to your cart.All customization/tailoring is FREE of charge (except for maxi/long/fishtail/floor length). Go Shopping to find your ideal product, measure yourself, and customize it now.

Why is my order not 100% perfect fit but a little loose?

To keep the quality of the silk, we will tailor a silk cheongsam a little loose.

The dress I wanted is sold out. When will it be available again?

Because all fabrics are limited, we only have 5 to 10 pieces of fabric in stock. We will bring in new products weekly, but never restock items sold.

I forgot to add a measurement profile to my order. Is this still possible?

Please contact our marketing department at [email protected] and we may be able to add this customization if the order has not yet been sent to our tailor. Please note that making changes to customizations may delay your order.

Can I have my own design custom-made by you?

Yes and No. You can change the sleeve shape or length, as well as the dress length or shape to a certain degree. You can ask for higher slits, a higher collar, etc. But you cannot send us photos and ask us to make the same dresses as those shown in the pictures.

Can I order swatches of a specific fabric/patterns?

We have tens of thousands of designs and patterns. Just choose a °design" to check out, and then notify us which fabric/patterns(by product link.) you want.

How many days in advance should I order before my wedding?

You should give yourself a minimum of 30 days,but we recommend getting your order in 45 days prior to the wedding date. This will leave a suitable amount of time if alterations or a remake is necessary.


Caring, Washing & Keeping.

Choose, Match & Fit?