Hand-made tussah silk embroidered classic short cheongsam dress. Peach-blossom

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Hand-made tussah silk embroidered classic short cheongsam dress. Peach-blossom

This cheongsam is defined as a refined, gentle embroidery qipao dress, which possesses a blend of modern and traditional styles, it is really a great wear dress on any occasion.


Name:  Peach-blossom
Style: Flowers-printed Qipao Dress
Materials: Others
Crafts: 100% Old tailored-made
Brands: Redpalace

Thickness: Very Thin / Thin / Medium / Thick /Heavy
Flexibility: High / Low / Slight/ Not at all
Soften: Soft / Medium / Upright
Fitting: Loose / Just Fine/ Fitted / Tight 
Length: Tail / Maxi / Long / Knee / Mini 
Sleeve: Sleeveless / Short / 3/4 / Long
Plackets: Slant-cut / Ruyi / Pipa / Double
Brands'  story:
Redpalace is a China time-honored Qipao label, Old tailors handmade, Original design and limited.

To keep our dresses unique and perfect, we refuze bulk-production.
Every works 100% tailored-made by our few old master.
It normally take 3-6days to tailor a dress, but it's worthy. 
On Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Chinese style,  Redpalace give it new inspiration.

Product Story:


Outside the blind,peach-blossom, a soft spring breeze;

Within, a girl is languidly dressing her hair.

Outside, the peach-blossom; within the girl--

Not far apart the blossom and maid so fair.

Obligingly, the breeze blows back the blind

And holds it to afford a glimpse of her bower;

Outside, the peach is blooming as of old,

Frailer the girl within than any flower.

The flowers, knowing pity,grieve for her;

Their sighs gentle breezes express;

Breeze wafts through bamboo slats, blooms fill the court,

But this spring scene redoubless.

The gate of the quiet, mossy courtyarde is clossewd,

At sunset she leans alone on the balustrade;

Then, shedding tears in the soothing breeze,

Neath blossoming boughs slips the red-skirted maid.

Luxuriant the foliage and blooms

With petals a fresh red,leaves emerald green;

These myriad trees enwrapped in mist

Cast a rosy glow, as if of warmth, on her screen.

Duck-and-drocake from heaven's loom is burned,

While on coral pillow she wakes in balmy spring;

But chill to the touch of rouged cheeks,

Sweet spring water in golden basins her maids bring.

To What can the vividness of rouge be likened?

The colour of flowers? A girl' tears dropping slow?

If tears are likened to blossom,

Long as the blooms retain their charm they flow.

As she gazes at the blossom her tears run dry—

Her tears run dry, spring ends, blooms fade away;

The fading blossoms hide the fading maid;

Blossoms drift down, she tires,dusk follows day.

A cuckoo-call and spring is left behind,

Only faint moonlight falls on the lonely blind.


Editor's Talk:
My thoughts are deep into you 
From the moment that I wake up 
And to the whole day through 
All i want to do 
is walking with you.

qipao measurement

S 96cm 4.5cm -4cm 84cm
M 98cm
4.5cm -4cm 87cm 69cm
L 100cm
4.5cm -4cm 90cm
XL 102cm
4.5cm -4cm 93cm
XXL 104cm
4.5cm -4cm 96cm
XXXL -   - - - -
0cm -cm 3cm


Size Recommendation (Reference)
S Tall 150~155cm Bust 75~78cm Waist 57~60cm Hips 84
M Tall 156~162cm Bust 79~82cm Waist 63~66cm Hips 88
L Tall 163~167cm Bust 83~86cm Waist 67~70cm Hips 92
XL Tall 168~172cm Bust 87~90cm Waist 71~74cm Hips 96
XXL Tall 173~177cm Bust 91~94cm Waist 75~78cm Hips 99
XXXL Tall 178~182cm Bust 95~98cm Waist 79~82cm Hips 102

If Sizes not fitted, Custom Your Own Qipao Here!

Additional Information

Designer No
Color White
Size N/A
Fabric Silk
Customization Customizable
Styles No
Genre N/A
Occasion Casual, For Party, Friends Gathering, Attend Wedding Party, Dating, Art events
Processing Time 5~7 days

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Absolutely amazing. Am so happy. Thank you, Thank you. Such fast service too. And such caring seller. I will be back.

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