Boudior: Chinese costumes brand - Chinese traditional Wedding dress & Costumes

When it comes to Chinese kimono dress or luxury Chinese wedding dress, we should think about Boudior. As one of best Chinese traditional costumes designers brand, boudior is striving to offer top fancy Chinese wedding costumes. Boudior's mission is to be a memeorial collection for  a girl who are preparing to be a women.

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  • Embroidered Peony Strapless Mandarin Wedding Gown in Red - "Prosperity"
  • Embroidered lotuses Chinese  wedding cheongsam
  • Embroidery Lotus Cusoms Silk Qipao Gown Sapphire blue
  • Embroidered peony Chinese traditional tube costumes Red
  • Black Modern Cheongsam Style Dresses w/ Lace Decor
  • Embroidered flowers Red clutch purse for Chinese wedding
  • Golden dragon brocade Silk purse bags for Chinese style wedding
  • Chinese Bridalmaids Purse for Wedding Qipao Black - "Black Rose"
  • Lace Chinese wedding Qipao costumes Red
  • Elegant style Chinese wedding qipaos Red
  • Tailor-made Chinese kimono dresses Red

    Tailor-made Chinese kimono dresses Red

  • Dragon Cheongsam Costume Black w/ Hoop Skirts
  • Chinese Fu Letter Embroidered Red Silk Shawls
  • Hand embroidered flower Silk shawl for Luxury gifts
  • Chinese opera pattern Silk shawls Sky blue
  • Luxury Embroidered Chinese Wedding Suit Red
  • Embroidery peony Customs Purple Qipao
  • Beijing Chinese style embroidered silk scarf Blue. Mandarin duck
  • Chinese embroidery Luxury silk scarf Khaki
  • Chinese Red Wedding Dresses with Phoenix Peplum - "Glory"
  • Kimono Style Wedding Dresses & Chinese Painted Qipao Red
  • Luxury emboridery Silk shawl Violet

    Luxury emboridery Silk shawl Violet

  • 2013 Designer Modern Cheongsam Gowns indigo
  • Hand embroidery cheongsam dress Green silk
  • Luxury Embroidered Evening gown Purple Fishtail
  • Chinese Style Wedding Dresses Red w/ Phoenix belt - "Honor"
  • Qipao style wedding dresses Red
  • Cheongsam style phoenix wedding dress Red
  • Chinese dress pattern red dress for wedding
  • Oriental Style Dresses Brocade Deep-V in Sapphire Blue
  • Black lace Chinese red Qipao gown
  • Chinese Embroidery Peony Tube Dresses Black
  • Chinese Qipao Style Evening gowns Cocktail Black
  • Original designer Fine trim Wool black Chinese coats for women
  • Embroidered bamboo Chinese silk scarf Blue
  • Red qipao dress with Expansion skirts for Chinese style wedding

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