wedding cheongsam - a piece, a life.

traditional Chinese wedding ceremony is the most ceremonious festival in the world, traditonal Chinese wedding dresses are the particial of its grand. wedding cheongsam as the one of most former and elegant Chinese wedding dresses are some must-have stuffs in Chinese wedding. Wedding cheongsam mainly made of silk and brocade, are sharing the great honor from Chinese bride because of its still in fashion and fitted well.

Wedding festival are only 1 time for most Chinese girl, buy a luxury and elegant wedding dress for your wedding should be very memorable. when you grow old, or in your wedding anniversary, find out the wedding cheongsam you had been dressing, should be meaningful. - "A piece, a life".

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  • Chinese Red Wedding Dress in Chinese style Brocades
  • Chinese Style Wedding Dresses Red w/ Phoenix belt - "Honor"
  • Qipao style wedding dresses Red
  • Cheongsam style phoenix wedding dress Red
  • Chinese dress pattern red dress for wedding
  • Embroidered lotuses Chinese  wedding cheongsam
  • Lace Chinese wedding Qipao costumes Red
  • Elegant style Chinese wedding qipaos Red
  • Tailor-made Chinese kimono dresses Red

    Tailor-made Chinese kimono dresses Red

  • Red qipao dress with Expansion skirts for Chinese style wedding
  • Painted peony qipao gown Red for wedding dresses
  • Embroidery peony cheongsam dresses for wedding
  • Hand embroidery phoenix Custom made cheongsam dresses for wedding
  • Chinese style dragon qipao gowns for wedding Red
  • Hand embroidery Qipao wedding gowns Red

    Hand embroidery Qipao wedding gowns Red

  • Luxury Chinese kimono dresses red for wedding
  • Modern Red cheongsam gowns for wedding
  • Chinese Red Wedding Dresses with Phoenix Peplum - "Glory"
  • Embroidered Peony Strapless Mandarin Wedding Gown in Red - "Prosperity"

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