Cheongsam style Chinese couture

Chinese couture have distinguishing feature and cultural temperament. especially Cheongsam style Chinese couture had won the reward from world fashion. Many famous designers was inspired from tradtional Chinese couture elements, and more and more pop star was dressing Chinese couture to walk in the red carpet.  embroidiery, Chinese painting, mandarin collar, Chinese frogs are the four important characters of Chinese style haute couture. 

Although traditional Chinese couture was wore in important ceremony (Diplomatic gatherings, Red carpet, etc) due to its luxury and expensive, developed Cheongsam couture by fashion designers can be dressed dailly and for some samll party.

Chinese Qipao dress

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  • Red trim Flowers and bird pattern Oriental couture light yellow #37 - Death of White Bird
  • Floral Cheongsam Silk Retro Shanghai Couture Grey Long Sleeves

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    Floral Cheongsam Silk Retro Shanghai Couture Grey Long Sleeves

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  • Yellow Cheongsam Silk Ceorgette Qipao Couture w/ Floral Print
  • Floral Cheongsam Chinese Silk Coutures Black Floral and Pink Red Gradient
  • Floral Cheongsam Impressionistic Flower Silk Shanghai Couture Brown
  • Floral Cheongsam Qipao Couture w/ Handmade Chinese Buttons - Ups and Downs

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