Embroidery qipao

Embroidery Qipao are one of the most luxurious and noble cheongsam dress, it stand for noble and royal; Embroidery qipao dress is normally made of 100% silk, and applying Chinese traditional handmade embroidery on its pattern; Chinese qipao designers prefer to embroider peony(flowers), dragon(totem) on it.

There are two kinds of famous embroidery skills using into Qipao -Beijing embroidery and su embroidery. So, embroidery cheongsam always are qipao boutique.

Here we offer some new design embroidery qipao, please take a look.

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  • Modified Cheongsam Dress Blue Silk Brocade Floral w/ Faux Fur Binding - One More Day
  • Red silk elegant qipao embroidery cheongsam - Aping a Beauty
  • Modified Cheongsam Magnolia Printing Silk Yellow - Autumn Wind
  • Hand painted long cheongsam dresses Green
  • Embroidery peony cheongsam dresses for wedding
  • Fashion Embroidery Cheongsam dresses Green magnolia
  • Embroidered bamboo Long Cheongsam dresses White
  • Black Cheongsam Embroidered Peony and Butterflies
  • Embroidery Lotus Cheongsam Ink Green
  • Chinese Embroidered Qipao Dress White Luxury Silk . Penoy Beauty
  • Embroidery peony Customs Purple Qipao

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