Missy qipao - A young qipao brand for girls

If we are enjoying our rebirth now, girls who love cheongsam were wearing choengsam before their last death; In the wonderful time of reading, writing, painting also playing piano and planting flowers; what the cheogsam bring us is more than a dress that can be wear, it's a surprise in our new life; Then I suddendly find that, with the cheongsam I also can be a fairy from the paintings, smiling and whispering softly.

girls cheongsam qipao

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  • Flower pattern 3/4 sleeve Long cheongsam dress pink
  • 3/4 Sleeve Elegant Style Net Cardigan Sweaters
  • Thin Style Flax Mandarin Robe Floral
  • Flax Traditional Chinese Long Gowns Floral
  • Perfect Fit Traditional Chinese Outfits Pink
  • Long Traditional Chinese Formal Dresses Pink
  • Slim Look Turtleneck Wool Female China Sweaters
  • Secret Fragrance Linen Girls Qipao Dress Navy-Remembrance of Things Past
  • Retro Linen Long Chinese Dress Floral - The Swing
  • Painting Flowers Elegant Linen Qiapo Dress Floral - Approaching the Winter
  • Grid Cotton Long Qiapo Dress - Comes for You
  • Linen Girls Qipao Dress Navy Narrowed Waistline - Secret Fragrance

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