Red - a Beijing qipao brand between tradition and modernity;

Beijing qipao was proud of its long history and traditional qipao culture; Unlike Shanghai qipao, Beijing qipao are more conservative and traditional.  As one of famous qipao brand in Beijing, Red won clients' honor due to its original design and comprehenisve selection; Red is insiting on its own unique design and client's special requirement; Although the history of Red Qipao isn't as long as other beijing qipao, RedPalace won great honor in demestic and abroad due to its bring forth the new through the old and the speed of new design; Unlike other qipao brand lack of creation, Red updated new design monthly to meet client's anticipation.

Although Red was found only 10 years, it already become one of most valuable qipao brand in beijing.

China Time-Honored Qipao Brands

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  • Floral Cheongsam Chinese Silk Coutures Black Floral and Pink Red Gradient
  • Designer Modified Cheongsam Top Folk Style 3/4 Sleeve Agate Buttons - Ya Song
  • Floral Silk Cheongsam with Turquoise Satin Trims & Chinese Buttons - Sea of Flowers
  • Floral Silk Cheongsam with Delicate Triple Binding
  • Designer Maxi Cotton Skirt  - "Swing"

    Designer Maxi Cotton Skirt - "Swing"

  • Classy Silvery Gray Silk Cheongsam with Blue Accents - "Narang"
  • Modern Silk Cheongsam with Handmade Frog Buttons & Triple Trimming
  • Vintage-like Floral Watered Gauze Mandarin Dress
  • Floral Watered Gauze Cheongsam with Retro Placket
  • Designer Mandarin-Collar Linen Dress

    Designer Mandarin-Collar Linen Dress


    Out of stock

  • Green Floral Qipao Dress with Luxury Mink Hair Binding
  • Watered Gauze Silk 3/4 Sleeve Long Chinese Gown Wine Red  - "The Last Petal"
  • Sleeveless Pleated Linen Top Stand Collar Blue - Blue Lotus
  • Floral Cheongsam Impressionistic Flower Silk Shanghai Couture Brown
  • Floral Cheongsam Vintage Costumes Couture - Bewilderment
  • Floral Cheongsam Qipao Couture w/ Handmade Chinese Buttons - Ups and Downs
  • Chinese Imperial Yellow Print Strapless Party Dress
  • Delicate Silk Cheongsam Dress Floral - Tailor-Made Cheongsam
  • Silk Watered Gauze Dress Butterfly Embroidery - Kisses from a Butterfly
  • Vintage Chinese Full Lapel Deluxe Flax Qipao - Xi Shi
  • Ink Flowers Shanghai Tailor made Deluxe Silk Qipao - Late spring
  • Chinese Republic Style Cheongsam Dress Horn Button Custom Made Navy - Night
  • Luxury Cheongsam Ink Lotus Printed Mulberry Silk - Vine Covered Roof
  • Classic Silk Cheongsam with Poeny Print - Late spring
  • Maxi Leopard-Print Velvet Cheongsam - "The Black Pearl"
  • Classic Hounds Tooth Checks Casual Qipao
  •  Floral White Mandarin Dress with Black Double Binding - “Clivia”

    Sale off 30

    Floral White Mandarin Dress with Black Double Binding - “Clivia”

    Regular Price: US$499.00

    Special Price: US$349.00

  • Floral Jacquard Silk Short Chinese Dress  - “Dandelion”

    Sale off 23

    Floral Jacquard Silk Short Chinese Dress - “Dandelion”

    Regular Price: US$389.00

    Special Price: US$299.00

  • Wine Red Mandarin Dress with White Floral Print - "Sherry"
  • Yellow Floral Traditional Qipao with Black Binding - "Pear Blossoms"

    Sale off 26

    Yellow Floral Traditional Qipao with Black Binding - "Pear Blossoms"

    Regular Price: US$469.00

    Special Price: US$349.00

  • Light Purple Floral Mandarin Dress - "Beauty-berry"

    Sale off 19

    Light Purple Floral Mandarin Dress - "Beauty-berry"

    Regular Price: US$489.00

    Special Price: US$398.00

    Out of stock

  • Strapless Party Dress for Wedding Reception
  • Tailor-made Designer Party Dress with Tiny Floral Print
  • Chinese Designer Dress for Special Occasions
  • Tailor-made Short Mermaid Dress in Red for Wedding Reception
  • Chinese Inspired Strapless Evening Dress in Royal Blue

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