Bridal cheongsam

Bridal cheongsam was designed upon Chinese tradition and applied modern qipao element to it; Red cheongsam is primary important for bridal cheongsam, but it also take avantage of other modern pattern, like white, or pink; Unlike Chinese kimono, Bridal cheongsam will bring bride sexy & elegant not just dignified. Recently, bridal qipao become must-have wedding dress for Chinese bride abroad (not matter she married to foreigner or just Chinese man).

Chinese bride should have two things: Classy & Sexy. 

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  • Wedding Cheongsam Red Brocade Golden Floral w/ Shoulder Flower
  • Modified Bridal Qipao Dress Red Toasting Dress Lotus Leaf Sleeve
  • Graceful Wedding Cheongsam Fishtail Long Dress Brocade
  • Gracious Cheongsam Red Brocade Toasting Dress - Grace
  • Designer Maxi Cotton Skirt  - "Swing"

    Designer Maxi Cotton Skirt - "Swing"

  • Floral Silk Cheongsam with Delicate Triple Binding
  • Floral Silk Cheongsam with Turquoise Satin Trims & Chinese Buttons - Sea of Flowers
  • Designer Modified Cheongsam Top Folk Style 3/4 Sleeve Agate Buttons - Ya Song
  • Watered Gauze Silk 3/4 Sleeve Long Chinese Gown Wine Red  - "The Last Petal"
  • Luxury Cheongsam Ink Lotus Printed Mulberry Silk - Vine Covered Roof
  • Ink Flowers Shanghai Tailor made Deluxe Silk Qipao - Late spring
  • Vintage Chinese Full Lapel Deluxe Flax Qipao - Xi Shi
  • Delicate Silk Cheongsam Dress Floral - Tailor-Made Cheongsam
  • Classy Silvery Gray Silk Cheongsam with Blue Accents - "Narang"

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