Sexy qipao

Sexy Qipao was divided from Traditional qipao and Classic Qipao, and reformed from new elements, such as mini dress, sleeveless, high-split, or fashion pattern, but it's still keep its qipao features - Chinese frogs, Qipao plackets, mandarin collar, etc. With the physical liberation of Shanghai women, Sexy qipao wasn't just a wrapped art but as women's secondary skin. Dressing sexy cheongsam is not only catching men's eyes but also bringing confidence to women. - Every women should own a sexy cheongsam

sexy qipao cheongsam

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  • Ink Pattern Silk Fashion Qipao Silver - "Distant Wonderland"

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    Ink Pattern Silk Fashion Qipao Silver - "Distant Wonderland"

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  • Black Modern Cheongsam Style Dresses w/ Lace Decor
  • Sexy Sleeveless Gold cheongsam gown dresses
  • Peony Cheongsam Hand embroideries and Light green
  • Lotus patterns Silk tailored cheongsam green
  • Black Cheongsam Embroidered Peony and Butterflies
  • Chinese style Sexy Qipao costumes Rose
  • Chinese Embroidered Qipao Dress White Luxury Silk . Penoy Beauty
  • Elegant Silk Cheongsam Black w/ Lotus Printing
  • 2013 Designer Modern Cheongsam Gowns indigo

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