Wedding qipao

No matter you like or not, wedding has only once for most people; At only once wedding, girl' should be perfect and sexy and then plan to be a woman.  "a woman should be two things classy and fabulous"  - by Coco chan. So, cusom a cheongsam for wedding are highly recommended for girls who plan to have impressive wedding ceremony. As classic Chinese dress, Qipao become more and more popular for formal dress or in dailly dress; Perfect-fitted, art oriental, elegant & sexy, all these features make cheongsam become first choice in girls' wedding.

Chinese Wedding cheongsam dress

"Who made Wedding qipao for you?
Muse’s hand
cut-out silk and brocade
for your amazing beauty;

Green and red, matching
to decorate your pink blush
Graceful curves,
outline a dawn beauty from water town,
Get closing, closing,
to the dream i am weaving for you."

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  • Modified Bridal Qipao Dress Red Toasting Dress Lotus Leaf Sleeve
  • Gracious Cheongsam Red Brocade Toasting Dress - Grace
  • Ink Flowers Shanghai Tailor made Deluxe Silk Qipao - Late spring
  • Vintage Chinese Full Lapel Deluxe Flax Qipao - Xi Shi
  • Delicate Silk Cheongsam Dress Floral - Tailor-Made Cheongsam
  • Kimono Style Wedding Dresses & Chinese Painted Qipao Red
  • Cheongsam style phoenix wedding dress Red
  • Chinese dress pattern red dress for wedding
  • Lace Chinese wedding Qipao costumes Red
  • Phoenix embroidery Chinese  gowns Red Qipao
  • Graceful classsic Chinese bridal cheongsam dresses wine red with roses shadowed
  • Luxury Cheongsam Ink Lotus Printed Mulberry Silk - Vine Covered Roof

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