Wedding Qipao Gown Red

As traditional Chinese wedding gown, red qipao gowns are must-have clothing in wedding ceremony. Although young Chinese bride might choose fashion white gown as their wedding dress because traditional Wedding dress is out-of-fashion, aging people might refuse accepting white gown due to Chinese traditional culture.  

Recently, western designers was inspired their works from Chinese Qipao, and Chinese designer also absorb the inspiration from western fashion trends. Fashion wedding cheongsam which combined traditional Chinese qipao with western evening gown, is not only satistify bride's fashion requirement, but also meet aging people's standard.

To choose an appropriate wedding qipao gown is must-be issues for Chinese bride; offer hundreds of both traditional and fashionable red wedding qipao gown to meet your comprehensive requirement.

Red Qipao Gown

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  • Fashion Cheongsam Bridal Red Brocade Wedding Dress
  •  Improved short lace cheongsam dress red
  • A lotus flower just rose from under water. Brocade long cheongsam dress
  • Modified Bridal Qipao Dress Red Toasting Dress Lotus Leaf Sleeve
  • Fishtail Traditional Chinese Wedding Costume Red
  • Big red lantern. Red tussah silk embroidered short cheongsam dress
  • Top grade classic bridal red wedding dress
  • Delicate Silk Cheongsam Dress Floral - Tailor-Made Cheongsam
  • Linen Cheongsam Painting Spray Floral
  • Kimono Style Wedding Dresses & Chinese Painted Qipao Red
  • Qipao style wedding dresses Red
  • Black lace Chinese red Qipao gown
  • Embroidered lotuses Chinese  wedding cheongsam
  • Elegant style Chinese wedding qipaos Red
  • Modern Red cheongsam gowns for wedding
  • Chinese style dragon qipao gowns for wedding Red
  • Vintage Chinese Full Lapel Deluxe Flax Qipao - Xi Shi
  • Butterfly Pattern Silk Cheongsam Cyan - Bay’s Wish
  • Deluxe Silk Dark Floral Cheongsam Costume - “Sighs o'er praying for raining”
  • Subtle Floral Mulberry Silk Fancy Qipao Gown - "I like the subtle"
  • Polka Dot Fancy Qipao - "The little things in life"
  • Green Houndstooth Keyhole Qipao

    Green Houndstooth Keyhole Qipao

  • Refreshing Linen Cheongsam Dress - Until Years from Now
  • Custom Made Tensel Loose Changpao Blue - "Keep Low Profile"
  • Luxury Cheongsam Ink Lotus Printed Mulberry Silk - Vine Covered Roof
  • Vintage Check Fancy Cheongsam Dress Blue
  • Ink Flowers Shanghai Tailor made Deluxe Silk Qipao - Late spring

    Sale off 45

  • Hand embroidery phoenix Custom made cheongsam dresses for wedding
  • Painted peony qipao gown Red for wedding dresses
  • Gracious Cheongsam Red Brocade Toasting Dress - Grace
  • Modified Cheongsam Dress Lace Red w/ Bowknot - Beautiful Dreams
  • Elegente Cheongsam Sleeveless Backless w/ Fishtail Red - Guardian Angel
  • Goldspink hairpin cheongsam style red dress. Temptation
  • Vintage Floral Cheongsam Red

    Vintage Floral Cheongsam Red


    Out of stock

  • Red Cheongsam Silk Watered Gauze w/ Delicate Binding
  • Classic Cheongsam Dress Linen Red Long Length - Oriental

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